“Hello World!”

A perfectly apt title…

As a supplement to my personal blog over on tumblr, this blog will contain various recipes, images of food (not sexy enough to be considered food porn!), and most other food related… “stuff.”

This is the story of a girl who’s made it to her mid twenties without spending a day in the kitchen… her subsequent move into her first apt in New York City… and coming ThisClose to demolishing and completely downsizing the existing kitchen to make room for more closets.

Alas, having spent all her money on clothing and shoes (her kryptonite), there was none left for the ambitious construction project.

…And none left for the exhorbitant meals at the finest restaurants that New York City has to offer.

The kitchen was kept, an oven large enough for 4 dozen pairs of shoes was installed, and subsequently… The Room Where We Dare Not Venture became the center of a multitude of cooking experiments.

Here are the results – the disasters, the triumphs, and the mediocre.