…pictures. Good bye old cell phone. Hello to making new food memories. The slate is wiped clean!

(I could’ve shown you the massive amounts of seafood we had in Rhode Island, first trip of 2011, most memorable was the night we got in and stumbled in, rumpled, to The Mooring Restaurant, highly rated on Yelp, and listed as one of Giada’s favorite places in Newport. But I can’t. Because I lost all my RI pictures. How sad…)

So instead, I will show you pictures of the food we had at Scarpetta… the reliably wonderful dining institution in NYC.

Tasting menu presents enough food to feed 100 hungry Wendys. What an amazing deal.

5-course meal begins:

Crudo- Yellowtail and Tuna. Yellowtail wins!

Fritto Misto to share, incredibly light and amazing with the addition of fried herbs and strips of vegetables.

Another set of appetizers – fried mozzarella accompanied by the most amazingly flavorful tomatoes, and super tender, melt-in-your-mouth shortribs.

To share – a can’t miss dish at Scarpetta, the polenta topped with truffled mushrooms.

Unbelievably stuffed at this point – three pastas arrived to share. From top, cavatelli with braised rabbit, spaghetti with tomato and basil, and the agnolotti, which I’ve always felt tasted mysteriously like a Big Mac… (If I had a choice, I’d trade the other two in for another portion of the spaghetti… to go.)

The set of mains – A snapper subbed fish (forgot which), and less-sticky-and-sweet-from-what-I-remember capretto, amazing this time with super crunchy and adorable little cubes of potato.

The final set – dessert – both of which I’ve had before and enjoyed greatly. A light and fruity pannacotta and warm chocolate cake. My favorite part of the chocolate plate were the little crunchies hidden underneath the caramel ice cream. MORE CRUNCHIES PLEASE!!!