I’m tired, by now, to have to whine once again about how hard it’s been to find time to make dinner after work, so here is an image of what often looks like my meal at the end of the day:

some sauteed vegetable (in this case Chinese water spinach) and steamed fish.

Like most of the vegetable dishes I make, I prepare them the simplest way – garlic and olive oil. Chinese water spinach is particularly fun to eat because the stems are hollow, so its like eating straws. (It would be unsurprising that I might be the only one who finds this amusing.) A dinner like that takes about 20 minutes to prepare, which gives me ample time afterwards to do a bit of freelance work for my old job.

And when I’m not busy freelance working or actual day job working, (or working on my cycling tan), I’m working on a side project with coworker Patrick. He’s part of a group of cycling/volleyball enthusiasts, who call themselves Spikes and Spokes, and they will be riding in the MS Bike Tour taking place in October. In addition to riding, he came up with an idea to raise money for the cause, and approached me to see if I would be interested in designing something together. As a follow-up to our first collaborative design effort (2 years ago), we once again explored some jewelry design. The first collaboration, which I wish I had some images and documentation of (if anyone out there does, please send it my way!), was a series of rings laser cut from acrylic, and we sold them during a fundraising event for the earthquake crisis in China. If I remember correctly, the design sessions took place on weeknights after work at Whole Foods and also mostly via emails and AutoCAD. This time, since we’ve now become co-workers, our design session became an extension of our normal workday. Takeout containers and showroom wine stash… not a bad way to spend afterhours in the office.

After a couple of glasses, we were strong enough to wrestle a bicycle spoke into a ring.