Anyone who has gone out to dinner with me multiple times know that when I enjoy a particular dish at a restaurant, and I mean really enjoy, I will forget the rest of the menu ever existed and always order the exact some thing every time I go.

Case in point – Marea. One of my favorite restaurants. It’s amazing that I can even name two dishes that I love equally as much here, but I struggle with the choice every time – Spaghetti with Crab and Uni or Fusilli with Bone Marrow and Octopus? Unluckily for my date, that usually means he gets to default to the other one I don’t get to order. Because I’d never order 2 mains for myself. Do I plan on fitting into my clothes tomorrow??

Any way, I digress. So. The only room left for experimentation at Marea is everything pre-entree.

Check out our spread during our last trip-

These are not small. It took up the entire table!

We had:

deliciously sweet lobster over creamy burrata and little pops of basil seeds

barely cooked egg and crispy little frog legs – really well dressed. the salad I mean.

grilled soft shell crab – like eating the most delicious spider ever. ok, that analogy is kind of gross. but this was really good.