Funky pop-up “indoor park” on Mulberry – Park Here – apparently is celebrating its last weekend with a big foodie blow-out including Robicelli’s Cupcakes!!!!!!

I’m ashamed to say even Cupcake Obsessed me was too lazy to make trips out to Brooklyn to stalk these babies, but lucky me, Kel made a trip to Park Here while I worked (right around the corner!) this gloomy and hungover Saturday.

And he did not disappoint!! Presented with a box of all the flavors available today, we sat in the showroom and all shared bites of cupcakes.

[via Robicelli’s tumblr]

Chicken n’Waffles
Vanilla “waffle” cake, vanilla buttercream, buttermilk soaked fried chicken dunked in pure Vermont maple syrup

The Hot Josh
Celery root & carrot cake with Point Reyes blue cheese buttercream and citrus tinged Buffalo chicken. 

El Guapo
Sweet corn cake, cilantro lime buttercream, Iowa yellow kernel popcorn

The Sarah
Apple spice cake, goat cheese buttercream, salted honey-almond brittle

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel
Chocolate cake, peanut butter buttercream, crushed pretzels, ganache drizzle

The Hot Josh… unique cupcake. Good chicken!

The cupcake aftermath.