Oh no! This is turning into a monthly post blog <insert sad face here>. And I have no good excuses, because there are NEVER any good excuses for NOT making your own meals.

All preaching aside, tonight’s dinner was particularly memorable and post-worthy, mostly because I thought the pictures came out pretty good. Vibrant… semi-ok composition… succulent… you can almost taste the images! (That might just be me, with the bad habit of attempting to eat photographs.)

What do you do when you turn into an incompetent decision maker? Seafood… or meat? Why not have it all?!

Rack of lamb, lobster, and roasted asparagus

Oh heck yea. You sear the lamb on both sides, then roast at 450 for 10 mins and 350 until it reaches desired level of doneness.

For me, that means if I can’t gnaw on it still twitching, I’ll take something closer to rare.

Lobster – bright red and ready to join the party after a 15 minute soak in the tub on the stove.