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The Breslin

How about a roast suckling pig dinner one of these nights?

The view from the balcony dining room at The Breslin looked right down onto the table facing the open kitchen – a whole suckling pig, roasted golden brown, sitting on a cutting board and surrounded by a rowdy group of diners. From my high perch, I sniffed at the gluttony, at the same time wondering when the waiter would bring out the Pig’s Foot for Two – stuffed and fried. And this was after the amazing apps – a scotch egg (wrapped in sausage meat and fried), scrumpets (shredded lamb shaped into sticks the size of steak fries, fried), and sweetbreads (the glands of some animal… also fried).

By the time the foot arrived, I was already regretting the order. On a plate the size of half the table, the stump of a leg was ceremoniously surrounded by a field of vegetables drowning in some sort of a cream sauce, as if threatening to say “You dare me to add a couple more figures to the calorie count?”


The foot was left looking very much similar to the way it arrived. Minus the vegetables, eaten in a last attempt to incorporate some sort of fiber into an otherwise artery clogger of a meal.


Lesson learned: the wiser Me would like to either remind Future Me, or go back in time and warn Past Me to never (again) order the pig’s foot. This carved out, stuffed then sewn back monstrosity, which tastes of pure fat, should only be meant for those with a death wish. Also not impressive? The broccoli (although you might be asking yourselves why anyone would go to the Breslin to order this, and you’re looking at the answer: me, veggie lover) which was drenched in an acidic and salty tomato sauce.

As much dessert as I can fit into my belly.

Very unlike my usual self, I skipped dessert, having been absolutely stuffed full and uncomfortable from the fatty foot. I’d come back to try the much raved about lamb burger and prime rib (and I noticed a good number of both making their way out of the kitchen), but foot? Never again.


A Thrifty Yelp Event and Scarpetta

The scene inside the Yelp event last night at Juliet Supper Club.

I wish someone had told me this place is located a bajillion miles away from the subway station, then I wouldn’t have subjected my poor CL‘s to a march of death. But you know how it is… by the time you make it past 8th avenue… theres no way you’d feel right about cabbing it the final 3 blocks. Pride and stupidity.

For someone who  hasn’t established much of a connection with the online Yelp community, my role at an event like this is to park my butt on a comfy seat, and keep my eyes peeled for the servers carrying the little trays of food around. Or I’d test my patience by getting on the ridiculous food line.

Pita chips and various dips.

The Master of open bars. There is no open bar crowd or line that can keep him from obtaining booze in record time.

We decided to ditch this popsicle stand about 2 hours later. Bladder full but stomach not nearly yet at maximum capacity, we cabbed it over to Scarpetta (one of my favorites!) where we noshed on their amazing-as-always bread basket, yellowtail, cavatelli, and branzino (all new dishes I’d never tried before! I usually always order the same things when I go to a fav. restaurant. How’s this for expanding my horizons!?)… washing it all down with some prosecco and wine. Although it is easy to go crazy here and order everything on the menu (because it’s that delicious), we actually decided to share a full meal for one since it was getting kind of late at this point (I’m an early-bird special kind of old lady) and the portions here are more than enough to share. (I also love how they split the full orders onto two plates, so we each have our own. It’s the careful attention to details and thoughts that make restaurants like this so amazing.)

The only course we ordered 2 of? Dessert: chocolate cake with burnt orange gelato, and white chocolate semifreddo with strawberries, white balsamico, and basil!! (amazing, highly recommended)

We plan on making up the rest of the courses on Thursday.

And while we’re on the topic of Yelp, I have to say with all the negative press they’ve been recieving over in California lately (which I hope has nothing to do with the NYC branch), I’ve always enjoyed attending their events. I didn’t get to see many familiar faces this time (how big is this “elite” community getting??), but the snacks and drinks, as usual, were very good. (Although more often than not it takes a little bit of resilience and patience to get to it.)

One of my favorite Yelp events took place back in October at the Heartland Brewery near the Empire State Building, where they set up a sausage and kraut station, and the event was appropriately named Yelptoberfest.

Sausage and Kraut.

Desserts provided by one of my favorite bakeries, Two Little Red Hens.

I was stalking this server that night. She was passing out the most delicious bites of warm pretzels.

Above is a picture of me (with a different hair color at the time) with my friends, who, by the looks on their faces, were quite captivated and amused by the story I am telling them. This picture was taken shortly after Caroline’s boyfriend, Wen, turned to me and asked, “How’s your date going!?”

I had brought a date with me that night, a first date with someone I’d never met before. Little did I know that bringing him would be a huge mistake. A lightweight, he could only drink 1 beer, since he’d have to drive later. And he barely ate because he doesn’t like to feel full at night. Who says that?!

From that night on, he was known in my dating blog as The Anorexic. (I ate enough for the both of us at that event.)