I tried desperately to recover from my hangover in time for Le Fooding, pt deux, because I knew what would follow- an hour of V.Cliquot open bar, unlimited food, and massive crowding, none of which are particularly enjoyable when nursing a massive headache and lethargy that only a full night of sleep could cure. So we started the day with a large bowl of ramen at Menchanko Tei (I left no noodle behind), and then an afternoon showing of Catfish accompanied with a small bag of popcorn. Instead of emerging from the darkened theater refreshed and recharged 2 hours later, I felt only one step further removed from death, and puttered onwards to P.S. 1, where the event was going to take place.

After 2 refills of champagne, I started to feel better, and much food was had.

Beef on anchovy parsley crostini, by Nate Appleman. Kel really liked this one. I didn’t.

This was amazing. From the SF side : suckling pig confit.

DB Bistro Camemburger – scarily rare for some, but no one got sick. Juicy with a huge burst of ooey gooey camembert.

Self explanatory. Popcorn. Good stuff. And I think some pork rinds or something in the background…

A strangely artistic table of little snacks.

But the best was the most simple – margherita pizza from Pizza Moto. Late into the night and after several attempts by the security at kicking all the loiterer’s out, they kept their portable oven fires burning…

Thanks guys!

And after all that eating, Mike felt compelled to do some pilates crunches.

We rocked out with our cool red bagged wine holders.

Played in P.S.1’s little pool puddles…

And ended the night at a hat party.