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Superbowl Junkies

Congratulations to all the Giants fans tonight! I’m not a huge sports fanatic, but it does give me a great excuse to experiment with junk-food madness style treats like the Chicken & Waffle Cupcake:

Inspired by Robicelli’s and turned into reality by The Novice Chef – thank you ready made waffles, and Burger King nuggets – the only hard part was piping icing onto the cupcake and not onto my hands!

The Pre-Chicken Version : almost too pretty to eat.

Another junkfood treat prepared for tonight’s superbowl party – Compost Cookies. Yum!


The Best of 2010

New Year, new eats. Aleady off to a amazing start: New Years Day, as we were checking out of the Ace Hotel, as we were polishing off our first breakfast of 2011 at The Breslin, as we licked the last couple crumbs of croissant off our fingers, we decided — ROAD TRIP!! To Rhode Island!

But before I post the photos taken on the trip with Kel and Randal and myself (as the 3rd wheel), I wanted to recap the most memorable dishes I’ve had towards the end of 2010…

Since I am nearly in love with all things uni.. first there was the fattiest, most decadently prepared piece of uni I’ve ever had – uni, resting on a slice of crunchy toast, peeking out from under a warm and melting blanket of glistening lardo.

Uni and Lardo Crostini at Marea

And then there was the roast suckling pig dinner at The Breslin for Kel’s birthday – juicy with crackly skin, we tore that sucker apart.

Everyone knows what a roast pig looks like… this is what a delicious roast pig looks like.

This is what the most beautiful (and delicious) piece of oyster sushi looks like at Sushi Yasuda.

You know a savory dish has to be good in order for me to get that in lieu of the usual sweet breakfast/brunch I prefer. The pasta at Michael White’s new place Osteria Morini is that exception. Gramigna – photo taken when there was actual light in the place!

Something I can eat over and over again… if I could get a table at ABC Kitchen at a decent hour! Crab on toast.

Did you think I’d forget dessert? The best one – a pear cake studded with chocolate chips at Al Di La in Park Slope. It’s a good thing that this restaurant is all the way in Brooklyn and up a steep hill that used to have me breaking out a sweat in the dead of winter.

And homemade – a tiramisu cupcake that was just as amazing on day 4 in the fridge as it was hot out of the oven. I’d make this more often, but baking up more than a dozen at a time, when I am hardly in the mood for sharing, is a bad idea.

Labor Day Weekend

A day trip to Tate’s Bake Shop… for amazing whole wheat dark chocolate chip cookies.

And a creamsicle cupcake.

A detour to a winery

Before spending the night in Poughkeepsie, and waking up to a bbq pool party where there were shucked raw clams


And volleyball.

But what I really loved were the clams.

Goodbye summer, let the fall festivities begin!

Trading One Rainy City for Another

Wrapping up the trip to Chicago…

Sunday was a bright and early start which allowed me plenty of time to post the Saturday festivities before catching the train to meet up with Erica, a long-time high school friend I hadn’t seen since her move back to Chicago. With worse dating stories than mine, sadly the hour and a half of time we scheduled was barely enough to fully catch up.

Catching a cab, we headed up to find The Bad Apple, home of supposedly one of the best burgers he’d ever had, claims the bf. Unfortunately the bar was closed for a private party that day, so we headed across the street to Chalkboard, thereby stumbling upon perhaps one of the better chicken and waffle places ever. Another cab ride away, we stopped by Molly’s Cupcakes, (also visited by fellow cupcake lover, Tiff) where I found my new favorite cupcake flavor: Tiramisu!

Tiramisu Cupcakes
Image, cropped and edited, originally from

I promptly and unceremoniously destroyed it.

Check out the beautiful interior layers of coffee soaked cupcake and… possibly mascarpone?

Chocolate Chip cupcake with a cookie dough filling

“Molly” pops: Blueberry cheesecake and red velvet, apparently made from the cores of the hollowed out cupcakes.

After the cupcakes had been obliterated, I vowed never to eat one ever again, or until the nausea subsides (which I estimated would take at least a couple of weeks, if not months… ha! A glutton could only dream.). We headed over to watch the Bulls get their ass kicked by the Cavaliers. (insert sad face here. I am actually more of  a Bulls fan, though purely for nostalgic reasons)

The crowd here was a lot more lively than the one at the White Sox game on Friday.

Before we knew it, it was time to race a cab back to pack and I was dropped off at the airport… 30 minutes before my boarding time! Without a minute to lose, Louboutin heels and Prada dress (outfit from Alinea) first in the bag, followed by the less important things like… underwear and toothbrush.

What a weekend! Landed in LGA around 10pm, greeted by an alert that my tweets are now being followed by Benny the Bull. A quick snack (the final 2 “more”sels from More cupcakes, yes.. I know I said I’d wait a week…) and it was off to bed! Ahh… back in NYC.

It ended in as much of a whirlwind as it had started:

Thursday: avec
Friday: XOCO, White Sox vs. Mariners, Cibo Matto
Saturday: Hannah’s Bretzel, More Cupcakes, Alinea, Chicago Theater
Sunday: coffee and catch-up with Erica, Chalkboard, Molly’s Cupcakes, Bulls vs. Cavaliers

A Food Themed Night

A very foggy Chicago didn’t keep us from finding our way to a delicious shop called Hannah’s Bretzel for lunch, and for the first time since visiting, I’ve decided it is possible for New York City to be missing something.

Mozzarella, pesto, arugola, vine tomatoes AND sundried tomatoes aren’t exactly all new ingredients, but imagine all of those, at it’s freshest, layered in a bretzel baguette, and you’ve got a little piece of Spring in sandwich form. If this shop existed in Park Slope, you can bet that you’d find me tapping my foot on the line packed with stroller-pushers.

Pesto + Mozzarella

Fueled and ready for more exploring, we ventured up to the Gold Coast where in between drooling in front of the shop windows at Jil Sander and Prada, we found a true cupcake boutique, More, complete with a cupcake filled vertical display case.

More Cupcakes

No country-kitchen rusticism here, this place serves seriously trendy cupcakes at seriously trendy prices. Here’s a tip: Check in on foursquare, and you’ll get a cupcake for free with the purchase of one. They’ll charge you for the most expensive ones, which can end up as pricey as $6. We called this a one-time experience and got a box of four and a sweet flight.

clockwise from left: bacon maple, white russian, red velvet, s’mores

moresel flight, from bottom left: cookies and cream, valrhona chocolate, chocolate hazelnut

After a quick wardrobe change, it was time for the main event, an act of such importance in this magnum opus of a day, that the mere scheduling of it was required 2 months in advance — dinner at Alinea. (I’m sure the dear BF had butterflies in his tummy the entire cab ride there.) Recently named the Best Restaurant in the US (which I am hesitant to agree with if only due to my unwaivering loyalty to my all-time favorite style of cuisine – Italian – and the chefs who master it – Scott Conant and Michael White) it was truly one of the most memorable and amazing experiences ever.

Pork Belly Spring Roll (diy, a diner’s composition. Check out my pork belly’s cucumber buttons)

Having booked an early dinner of the shorter menu, a seemingly spontaneous decision was made to cab it to the Chicago theater to see if we could score tickets to a one-night only appearance by Anthony Bourdain.

Inside the Chicago Theater

The crowd of people was insane. Who knew he had so many fans? The night was perfectly capped off with a 1.5 hour almost comedic-like set (including a story about a chilling encounter with Sandra Lee) followed by audience Q&A (favorite baseball team? Yankees!). A quick snack (s’mores cupcake) before bed, and my Saturday was perfect.