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Oh Marea!

Anyone who has gone out to dinner with me multiple times know that when I enjoy a particular dish at a restaurant, and I mean really enjoy, I will forget the rest of the menu ever existed and always order the exact some thing every time I go.

Case in point – Marea. One of my favorite restaurants. It’s amazing that I can even name two dishes that I love equally as much here, but I struggle with the choice every time – Spaghetti with Crab and Uni or Fusilli with Bone Marrow and Octopus? Unluckily for my date, that usually means he gets to default to the other one I don’t get to order. Because I’d never order 2 mains for myself. Do I plan on fitting into my clothes tomorrow??

Any way, I digress. So. The only room left for experimentation at Marea is everything pre-entree.

Check out our spread during our last trip-

These are not small. It took up the entire table!

We had:

deliciously sweet lobster over creamy burrata and little pops of basil seeds

barely cooked egg and crispy little frog legs – really well dressed. the salad I mean.

grilled soft shell crab – like eating the most delicious spider ever. ok, that analogy is kind of gross. but this was really good.


Superbowl Junkies

Congratulations to all the Giants fans tonight! I’m not a huge sports fanatic, but it does give me a great excuse to experiment with junk-food madness style treats like the Chicken & Waffle Cupcake:

Inspired by Robicelli’s and turned into reality by The Novice Chef – thank you ready made waffles, and Burger King nuggets – the only hard part was piping icing onto the cupcake and not onto my hands!

The Pre-Chicken Version : almost too pretty to eat.

Another junkfood treat prepared for tonight’s superbowl party – Compost Cookies. Yum!

Baked Eggs and Biscuits Brunch


One of those rare mornings when I wake up on the brink of afternoon time – my favorite because I get to skip a meal to plan – and we get to make brunch!!

Kel and I had a pretty good brunch yesterday at The Smile, and we decided to recreate it. I wanted a veggie version with spinach and broccoli and he was set on hot Italian sausage. While he was preparing all that, I made biscuits.


Spinach and Broccoli

Sausage and Extra Eggs

And perfectly timed – a plate of homemade biscuits and wheat toast.


Happy Thanksgiving!

We made cornbread! It tastes funny.



The texture, on the other hand, is heavenly.

Can’t Choose Between Land and the Sea

Oh no! This is turning into a monthly post blog <insert sad face here>. And I have no good excuses, because there are NEVER any good excuses for NOT making your own meals.

All preaching aside, tonight’s dinner was particularly memorable and post-worthy, mostly because I thought the pictures came out pretty good. Vibrant… semi-ok composition… succulent… you can almost taste the images! (That might just be me, with the bad habit of attempting to eat photographs.)

What do you do when you turn into an incompetent decision maker? Seafood… or meat? Why not have it all?!

Rack of lamb, lobster, and roasted asparagus

Oh heck yea. You sear the lamb on both sides, then roast at 450 for 10 mins and 350 until it reaches desired level of doneness.

For me, that means if I can’t gnaw on it still twitching, I’ll take something closer to rare.

Lobster – bright red and ready to join the party after a 15 minute soak in the tub on the stove.