Romantic, lively and almost secretly tucked away within the inside of what looks to be any other townhouse on West 10th, Alta should be voted the best place to take a date when you want to seal the deal. Inside, the main dining area is a double high room with a fireplace, there is a 2nd level that runs along the perimeter and allows for a great view down on the other tables, AND there are hidden rooms off to the side for more private parties – ours was located just through the kitchen. This restaurant was designed to make you feel like you’ve found someplace special. And this past Saturday night, there couldn’t have been a better place to celebrate someone special.

Happy Birthday, Phe!

If I had been more clearheaded at the time, I would have taken more pictures of the food. But as it was Phe’s birthday, and I was already past my 3rd glass of cava, by the time the camera came out, I was lucky if anything or anyone recognizable was caught within the frame of the shot. And yep, Phe had ordered the entire menu.

Only the tip of the iceberg.

Quick smile before the plate is passed to you!

Tom’s face says it all: how much more food is there!?

We took a mini break from eating.

Safe at the bar.

…or so we thought.

The boys turn to cheese it up.

Good night!