I really should have just gone home. Gossip Girl wanted me to be a couch spud. Even Mother Nature was doing her best to make me uncomfortable, spray misting me in the face with the cold rain, and yet, after work I felt unbelievably compelled to just take a peek around the corner on Lafayette Street, just to see if Michael White’s new place had opened as promised on numerous food blogs.

I started across the street, and upon noticing the warm glow from the restaurant’s windows, I walked a bit closer. There were some empty tables towards the front of the restaurant, and the atmopshere was buzzy, so I made a quick phone call, “Kel! Come back out to Manhattan! Guess which restaurant is OPEN?” The hostess informed me that a table would be available at 9:30, so I took a walk around the corner to do some window shopping, snacking on a truffle that my coworker had bought me as a Thank You gift. (Isn’t that sweet? Thank you for saving my stomach from ingesting itself.)

An hour later, waiting with Kel at the front of the restaurant, Michael White stopped by and said a quick a hello, I tried unsuccessfully to check in on foursquare so I resorted to yelp (achieved duchess-ship!), we had a glass of sparkling wine, and a table was ready for us! 8:30 – perfect.

Michael White. Pasta. An already perfect combination creates yet another temple for me to worship in — the rustic Osteria Morini. This will be for when that pasta craving hits, and I have less than a subway stop’s time to get my fix before the shakes take over.

anxious to eat!

amazing spinach and cheese beignets

strozzapreti – priest stranglers!! uh oh. will the various religious institutions out there be burning my blog now?

tagliatelle in a delicious ragu

of course there would be a side of roasted brussel sprouts

…and no shortage of dessert. This is panna cotta.

And this.. I forgot the name of! I think it was their version of a floating island mated with a parfait.

Nothing works better than a big plate of meaty and homey pasta to warm up a damp and cold night. Thanks, Michael White! I am filing this favorite right under Marea.