Or otherwise known to the gluttonous as the mooncake festival… I usually celebrate by going to the bakeries to stare at tins of mooncakes, marvelling at how pricey they are compared to everything else the Chinese sell, and trying to decipher the Chinese to figure out which ones have yolks (yuck) and which are filled with lotus seed paste (my favorite). I’d never buy any, though. Overwhelmed by price, quantity, and the possibility of gagging mid-cake on salty egg, I usually leave defeated and empty handed.

But today, as I grabbed a quick bite at my parents’s place, I was surprised by a small box of Hong Kong style snow skin mooncakes. Unlike the traditional golden baked kinds, these were more like little mochi cakes, and filled with what seems like a very untraditional blueberry and cheese filling. I was skeptical of the taste, but they sure were pretty.

(picture source)

And it tasted amazing.

got a bit squished on the way home