Tudor City Place is this teeny tiny little street over on the east side of Manhattan, perched high overlooking the United Nations building and the East River. It is unusually quiet compared to 2nd avenue, only a block over, where you will find a smattering of Grown-Up-Frat-Boy dive bars. What sorts of people live on this street? I’ve often wondered. The apartment buildings are tall, with stone bases and brick above, and beautiful windows gridded with mullions. If you aren’t specifically looking for an address in this location, I doubt many would often visit this neighborhood. The change in elevation from the avenues below is enough to make any un-chauffered fashionista cry foul. And the day someone actually finds parking on the little 3-block long (and riddled with reserved and illegal spots) Tudor City Place will be the day I give up eating pasta.

Of course, one of Michael White’s gems would be hidden on this quiet little street. During the night, the sidewalks are completely deserted save for the sunken patio in front of Convivio which is turned into a little outdoor dining area, glittering by candlelight and lively with chatter. Open the heavy wooden door and draw back the thick velvet curtain and everything is instantly red – the color of the dark bar directly in front. Turn right, and you’re in another space altogether. The drastic change from dark to light is like entering heaven… a heaven that allows you to gorge yourself on pasta and wine until you are giddy and overwhelmed and would swear you’d never be hungry again. The $62 4-course prix fixe is amazing. And completely worth it. In fact, you could argue that it is quite the bargain!

Not pictured: my feet sitting in a pool of blood later that night, the flood contained only by keeping on my heels, the lipstick matching red Louboutins.

Polpettine en Brodo – pork meatballs, an excellent start

Cornish Hen wrapped with Bacon – melts my heart, and I usually dislike chicken.

Malloreddus with saffron, sea urchin, and crab – amazing, for a stronger seafood flavor, I prefered the pasta at Marea.

Maccheroni alla Carbonara – I once made carbonara which tasted exactly like its ingredients : raw egg, salt, and pepper. It was disgusting. This almost makes me want to try my hand at it again. But I’m still scared.

Perfectly cooked rare steak.

Even more amazing were the lamb chops!

I’m starting to fall in love with Semi Freddo. Much like ice cream, but the cold doesn’t hurt my teeth. Believe it or not I’ve never had figs.

Budino. Dark chocolate. Hazelnut gelato. No other words.

It was a celebration with his family. I do not want to look at that check.