I had come so close to cancelling a reservation the day following a feast at Mermaid Oyster Bar and awoke early and groggy last Thursday morning. With one eye barely open, I was lucky I managed to find some clothes to pull on before hopping on a nearly empty train downtown. The hostess greeted us brightly as we were escorted past a thick wood counter bar and a glass display case housing pastries sitting on pedestals. Suddenly, my mouth was watering and I was hungry again.

The exposed wood beams in the space channeled many of the restaurants you can find in Italy, except here everything still appeared new. And after a moment spent reminiscing about my time spent in Rome many years ago, I knew what I wanted to start with – un cornetto e cappucino. Then followed a moment of indecisiveness generated by nothing less than pure gluttony. Baked eggs in tomato or the fruit, granola, and yogurt made exceptional with a drizzle of vin cotto? Luckily I didn’t have to choose!

Tasting Table was offering subscribers an amazing deal at Maialino – a prix fixe breakfast for only (I know, I’m now officially spoiled) 21 dollars. And so tacking on that extra order of fruit/granola/yogurt was no big deal. After all, I’d be a fool not to order as my heart pleased, since I was already the fool who would wake up an hour earlier than is necessary for work, on a weekday, to go out to have breakfast.

We went whole hog, by normal breakfast standards. Our order included toffee glazed brioche, cornetto, baked eggs in spicy tomato, poached egg on crispy pork terrine, spinach pecorino sausage, thick cut bacon, and oh, that last grasp at healthy eating – granola and yogurt with fresh fruit. Everything was beyond amazing. And I was so stuffed I walked the 20+ blocks to work.

Glazed Cornetto

Amazing Toffee Covered Brioche

The Best Yogurt Granola I’ve Ever Had

Baked Eggs in Spicy Tomato Broth

Poached Egg on Crispy Pork Terrine


We Cleaned Up