Finally made it to the Hester Street Fair, after an entire summer’s worth of archived and starred google reader posts about food, snacks, treats, and sweets.

Unfortunately, an arrival time after 4pm did not guarantee the best selection of foods. Melt, a stand that sells an impressive variety of ice cream sandwiches, was out of most of the ones I had wanted to try, and Bao Bing, perhaps a taste of what might’ve come closest to authentic Taiwanese shaved ice, was all out of fruit! We left our inner gluttons still lusting for more, but with the promise of the inevitable carbo-loading pasta dinner which would follow an evening showing of Eat, Pray, Love, we feasted lightly and went on our way. (If you could call a Sausage and Cheese Taiyaki, Korean BBQ Taco, 1/2 a Luke’s Lobster Roll, a Cardamom and Mango Lassi Ice Cream Sandwich, and 3 macarons light.)


Taiyaki filled with Sausage and Cheese

Delicious Korean BBQ Taco

S’mores Macaron. We also got Tiramisu and Red Velvet macarons. Amazing.

Cardamom Cookies with Mango Lassi Ice Cream