A chilly week of rain followed by a blast of hot weather the past couple of days was the perfect kickoff to a weekend of rafting, pizza-eating, and chicken-chasing on the Delaware River.

On Saturday, we started bright and early, which soon turned into late and completely lost in the PA/NY interstate woods. We trailed the group in our companion car by 45 minutes and figured we could make up for it by paddling our little hearts out once we made it on our raft. After all, we had a great incentive. Their group had the fried chicken, apparently a yearly rafting tradition. However, while stuck on the long line to check in, waiting for what seemed like forever for the circa ’95 computers in reception to start up, Kel made an important phone call – Port Jervis pizza, who made a delivery of sausage and mushroom pizza, our plan B if we don’t make it to fried chicken.

And I swear, we did paddle our hearts out, because I spent the rest of the night with the most painfully achey arms. I wish I had proof of the paddling, but all we got were images of us eating and posing for the camera.

We do have one of Brennan paddling hard though.

He was our little motor that could.

We never did catch up to the other group on the raft, but we were reunited at the end of the day, when we finally made it to shore- 10 miles of spinning and lurching back to where we started from.

*some pictures stolen from Ting. Thanks, Ting!