On an otherwise drab and dreaded Monday, a couple of girlfriends and I had something to look forward to – a wine tasting and pasta making class at New York Vintners.

Located on a typical Evacuation-At-Five street near Tribeca, New York Vintners is a very clean, very modern and white space that houses a small (comparatively) but carefully selected assortment of wines. I had run out of work as early as I could (early being work’s end at 7pm on the dot), hopped a cab, and jogged across the street to the door, pleasantly surprised to find myself being greeted cheerfully (instead of expecting to be berated for arriving 20 minutes late). The store had a really nice feature, which is the centerpiece of the room, a white cube on tracks – moveable to allow customization of the space. For this event, the cube was moved towards the front of the room, allowing several tables of seating behind it, where a kitchen was set up.

Spot the white cube?

What made the next 5 minutes of the night even better? Shortly after finding my friends, someone quickly brought over a welcome drink – sparkling wine. From Hungary, no less! (The wine, not the person. I don’t know where he is from.)

The class started off with some notes about white wine, along with 2 different kinds for us to taste. A short break during the wine was a quick lesson on pasta flour and mixing technique. While the chefs got to work on making some dough for us, we had another couple of glasses of wine – this time red. And then the fun began.

We were given sheets of fresh dough and some metal rings for cutting out shapes. Quick like little wine fueled elves, we set to work. Q and I tried to make bowties.. apparently the only shape we learned while sipping and (half) learning.

Making farfalle.

As we were busy making shapes, the chefs finished making the sauce. The shapes were collected and after posing for a couple of pictures, the pasta was done!

A pile of different shapes. Some of them inspired by body parts.

The pasta was that amazing texture you only get from something fresh made. And the sauce? Well… it was no Scarpetta. And to prove my point, we hopped a cab up to mepa to get a real taste of pasta truly amazing.

3 pasta dishes for 3 girls. Spaghetti, agnolotti, and tagliolini. Delicious!

*Thanks to Urban Girl Squad for organizing such an awesome event (and for the amazing pictures, some of which I’ve used on this site), and Alicia for getting us together.