After a job that takes up my 10-7, and following a yoga class from 730-830, sometimes a girl can barely find time to cook a gourmet meal. That’s when I pull a semi-Sandra Lee.

Merely a block away from the packed-like-sardines yoga studio there is an unassuming elevator off the side of a street that takes you up to the 2nd floor (I figured that out when I repeatedly pressed ‘C’ and the elevator didn’t budge. ‘2’ was the only other choice.) The doors open to a vestibule packed with shoppers waiting for their turn on the slow metal carriage. Pass the shoppers and you will find a little supermarket, about 5 aisles big, packed with Asian snacks, foods, and hair dye. In the refrigerated aisle, next to the sushi grade tuna, salmon, and giant octopus tentacle, is where I found my semi-home made dinner – black cod. Marinated in miso. I repeat: Miso Marinated Black Cod.

For almost 1/8th the price of the Nobu signature, I made my own miso black cod… sort of. If you can remove plastic wrap from a tray, you can make this at home. Wipe off excess sauce, sautee in pan for a bit of color, and then bake at 400 degrees for 7 minutes. (My piece was a slim baby.)