What will I make next?

My inspiration from last weekend…

Drum roll, please.

dah-ka-taka-taka-taka-taka dah-ka-taka-taka

Smokin’ lobster salad!!!!!

Anyone know where I can buy some dry ice?

Ok no, not really, not anytime soon, but that was one of the amazing dishes we had during a 12-course wedding feast! Congratulations to Will and Jennie, two of my amazing friends from high school, who finally tied the knot last Saturday at a beautiful outdoor wedding right near Prospect Park.

Amazingly beautiful and happy!

Got drunk, blacked out, and was hungover all in one day. This picture is a major clue to answer the question, “How??”

Woke up the next morning to a wonderful breakfast of leftover wedding cake.
(photo by classmate Matt)

And while I am on the topic of lobster, I had one of the most amazing versions of “lobster susci” yesterday at Faustina, another Scott Conant restaurant in a very architecturally interesting Cooper Square Hotel.

It was the 2nd time I’d been there with the bf, so we knew what to expect – not the biggest portion of foods for the amount of money you’ll be paying, but more likely than not.. everything will taste absolutely fantastic. (When has Scott Conant ever led us astray?) And besides, this was going to be our “snack” before a late dinner at the soft opening of Eddie Huang’s (Baohaus) new restaurant Xiao Ye.

We sat down and ordered from the all-day menu (the only time when its a blessing that such a good restaurant is open in a hotel). A simple snack – stewed eggs with tomatos and yellowtail susci. By the time we were finished with those two plates, dinner service had started so, why not? We ordered raw lobster.

Raw lobster with tomato and basil oil

And it was a good thing we stuck around and ordered it because guess who walked in the door? THE man himself, Scott Conant, flashing his million dollar smile as he entered the room and made it about a 100 degrees warmer. Just about made my day!