If I can spend the rest of my life on a boat with friends, I’d do it. Without a doubt. Even if it meant having to sit around in the 90 degree weather, sweating up a storm, fighting over the last piece of *big squid.

Fourth of July weekend was a wonderful blur of fun events, starting Friday night with a campout and pig roast on Queens County Farm. We arrived around 8pm, set up tent, and sat on picnic tables out on the farm while the beer flowed and music played.

After a feast of roast pork sandwiches, sausages, ribs, corn, and potato salad, plus live music  and a restless night on the hard orchard grounds, we awoke the next morning to coffee and pastries and quickly left for our next destination – Cape Cod!

There were lobsters, an artisan’s fair, a vineyard, seafood shacks, and the beach, which was where we happened to find ourselves on the evening of fireworks. A quick breakfast purchased from an adorable bakery the next morning and we were on the road again, back to NY for a ride on a catamaran.

The catamaran outfit shown above? Maximum coverage for maximum protection from the sun. Except by then it was too late and I was already past the sign that points to premature aging and wrinkly leather skin. Thanks for nothing, SPF 85.

*big squid, purchased by Queenie, is a huge 3 foot long dried sheet of squid. Delicious and sticky, an evil combination for a muggy day.