Sunday was the third annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, which took place on Governor’s Island — the sun was shining, humidity at an all time high, and the island was packed full of dressed up women hoping to catch a glimpse of Prince Harry on the field. In a sea of fancy straw hats, seersucker suits, and patterned sundresses, I stuck out like a pre-makeover Eliza Doolittle in black rags covered in dirt and sweat – who came up with the great idea to ride bicycles in the 90 degree weather?

Starting in the morning, we rode our bikes out to Despana to pick up some amazing sliced chorizo and serrano ham. Stocking my bike basket up with baguettes, brie, and a little juicebox sized container of olive oil, we rode down to the ferry and met up with a melting Peter who had arrived early enough to secure a spot right up front on the lawn.

Waiting for Despana to open.

The spread – Baguette from Tom Cat Bakery, meats from Despana, Scandinavian style salmon, cheese, crackers, and fruits.

The Polo players.

The game was tied at 4-4 with a couple of minutes added for sudden death when we decided to call it quits. I’d had enough of roasting in the sun! (I heard the winners were Black Watch, not the team Prince Harry was on.)

Sweaty on the long ferry ride home. I think I have a sunglass tan.

By the way, this is super embarrassing, but I have to confess that I decided to take a stab at the polo tickets giveaway when I got an email from Daily Candy about submitting a haiku relating to the event. I thought, why the hell not!? Came up with something crappy about 5 minutes later and sent it in. Unfortunately I never heard back from them. And I think it was a sham – I couldn’t for the life of my unborn Prince’s baby find the winners of that contest anywhere on the website!