It was one of those weekends you live for in NYC – insanely hot weather, amazing locales, great food, good people, and wonderful little surprises along the way.

The Food Film Festival began earlier last week. Apparently it was on its fourth year and I’d never heard of it before, but it seemed pretty cool – about five days of films about food, and foods based on films. Events were at various places with various themes, some which cost money and others which were free. I was lucky to discover one of the free events one drunken night at a bar with a copy of Edible magazine stashed behind the bar’s bench seating. The first Food Truck Film Festival, for the price of zero dollars, was the perfect event for me.

Trucks congregating under the Brooklyn Bridge.

It was a great concept, get all the delicious food trucks in NYC (and beyond! The Krave truck from New Jersey was there!) together in one fantastic location under the bridge, set up some picnic tables and beer stands, and show films all day. Films were short films, all in some way or another about food, and at the end, the attendees get to vote for their favorites. But who are we kidding? We were there for the food.

I was excited to see The Best Pizza I’ve Ever Had – Pizza Moto – at the festival!

The first time I’d ever had pizza from Pizza Moto was at the Parked festival last year in the Gowanus. They made the most amazing magherita pizza with fresh basil, and a seasonal one with ramps, I couldn’t believe they didn’t have a storefront somewhere. During the whole Neopolitan pizza craze, I had boasted that none could beat the pizza off the back of Pizza Moto’s truck, and finally, I was able to prove it.

The Krave truck was never without a line, and you can see why – people are into korean bbq tacos. They are damn good. Bring NYC the KBBQ truck!

More delicious foods included the shrimp roll from the Red Hook Lobster Pound and a pistachio and vanilla sundae from Van Leeuwen. Besides the amazing ice cream, the texture of the hot fudge, home made whipped cream, cocoa nibs, and walnuts really make this special.

The final tally? Pizza (Pizza Moto), raspberry basil pop (The People’s Pops), short rib and pork tacos and pork kimchidilla (The Krave), mini Throwdown wafel (Wafels & Dinges), hot pink lemonade, apple ginger soda, and orange soda – all fresh pressed from real fruits and veggies (The Green Pirate), pork chop and chicken over rice (NYC Cravings), pork dumplings (The Good Fork), shrimp roll (Red Hook Lobster Pound), and (finally) the pistachio and vanilla sundae (Van Leeuwen).

In the middle of a film, we were all of a sudden interrupted by a fireworks show. A nice way to end a gorgeous night.