My coworkers like to find every opportunity they can to freak me out, keep me on my toes. For example, there was a time when they sent me to the notary. Their description of the process? Vague: nondescript brick building…. walk in, long halls, find some tables, turn left and he is hidden behind the desk… find a guy named Stanley, just follow the line, don’t get distracted by the tons of people who are rushing all around, the building is not a notary building. Patrick described it best: It’s like going to find the Oracle.

I’m Neo, and I’m walking down the block, I find the building and walk in, and I’m expecting some sort of big room containing an energy of flustercluck, or a million hallways leading to a million other similar rooms, but no — Stanley just happens to be the guy working behind the lobby desk. (Notice how in one complete sentence, I can accurately describe the entire process of finding Stanley.)

So now I’m an expert at the notarizing game, and I get sent out again to perform the same task. On my way back, I notice a little shop on Crosby, a little hole in the wall, dark, with a chalkboard sign out in front – Matcha Iced Tea. I had read about this place, and seen its treats online. Little lemon cakes with a matcha glaze, matcha madeleines, matcha marshmallows, matcha puffed rice treats, you get the point. Matcha everything. I got a cup of Iced Matcha Latte with soy milk and what is best described as simply a matcha rice crispies treat. So freaking good. Lightly sweet and the marshmallow was melted soft (not like the stale ones at the supermarket you crack your chompers on). The frothy soy milk mostly sat on top of the ice matcha, so I had to mix it up good before I got to taste it. The matcha itself though, was good on its own. No sugary crap in this latte. My kind of summer drink!

The Matcha Box is a little pop up shop, only around for another week before they disappear forever.