The new iPhone is here! …except, not here, where I am, where it’s supposed to be. Rather, it is over there, 3 blocks away on Prince Street, where I was an hour ago, and had been, for 3 hours this morning.

Unsuccessful attempt to purchase reserved iPhone this morning led to successful gathering of free food for breakfast and later. I’ll take everything I can get! Yes, even tossing good (healthy) judgement to the wayside, for that 2nd croissant which I will save for later. (Way later, self! Have some control!)

a mini chocolate croissant, from the nice people at Aroma.

a much better plain croissant, being devoured by an iPhone hungry Pete! (One of the better croissants I can remember having, this one has a really nice, not very browned, crispy crust)

It’s a little bit of hell, having to sit here 3 blocks away, having to wait patiently until perhaps lunchbreak to go back and check out the line situation, but what can I do? I want that phone. Bad. Mostly because it is rather conveniently timed that my 2 year contract is up. And that front facing camera… man that is going to make for some sweet self portrait shots!