The best way to enjoy a plate of ribs, pulled pork, and bbq chicken? After a 20 mile bike ride through the city – completely guilt-free and well-deserved.

I started my Saturday morning riding from home to my old workplace in Park Slope, and arrived a little less than an hour later (about the same amount of time it takes via subway), dripping sweat and out of breath. After a 3 hour work session, I rode across the Manhattan Bridge to meet up with the rest of the I ❤ My Bike gang for a quick sandwich to go from Despana, and off to Battery Park City to catch whatever was visible of the Red Bull Air Race.

Chillin’ on the grass.

After 2 members of the crew touched up on their tans, a democratic decision was made to trek up to Dinosaur BBQ. This would be my second trip to the restaurant, the first also a reward which marked a 25 mile ride through the city during Summer Streets. Dinosaur BBQ is one of those amazingly delicious restaurants, a New York landmark, that is just unfortunately located too far away to frequent more often. Luckily for us, distance is no big issue when we’ve got our wheels. This is how we roll.

Whizzing through the streets.

Dinosaur BBQ: Home of the fall-off-the-bone tender ribs, juicy pulled pork, and great cornbread.

I don’t know how we managed to muster up the energy for the ride home, but we somehow managed to ride our way across the upper tip of Harlem and down the FDR drive.

Admitting defeat on the ramp.

How far away is home!?

34 miles later and I was back home on my couch, body aching from the first official hardcore ride of the summer. Thanks to Patrick for the photo documentation. Time to rest up for next weekend!