…so buying that orange brioche from Balthazar this morning probably wasn’t the best idea, but I figured it was time to treat myself to something nice on a workday.

dig the High/Low breakfast combo?

I’d normally never ever get an orange flavored anything (that isn’t, naturally, an orange) but this was one of those bakery items that you’d NEVER get to see during my usual mid-afternoon “poke my head in to look around”s (yes, literally. The line in the tiny claustrophobic space makes me feel invisible and therefore, less guilty about never buying anything). So, the verdict? A subtle hint of orange flavor, not overly buttery, slightly crispy outside – pretty damn good. I also found out via Coworker Patrick, that Coworker Seth always gets the chocolate croissant for breakfast. Which gives me more than one reason for wanting to reach over our desks to pilfer his nosh. (The original reason was to obliterate the glass of ice he loudly and annoyingly crunches on.)

Sunday was the cherry on top of the weekend, starting with a brunch treat of wheat toast, topped with mascarpone and strawberries, and ending with Momofuku‘s infamous Bo Ssam dinner. And even with a group of 10, we had enough leftovers for a donation towards the Poor Girl Needs Lunch foundation.

pork and lettuce, surrounded by 4 tasty sauces.. only 3 of which made it to lunch today. What happened to the ssamjang? It was the best!

Securing a reservation for bo ssam’s been a bit easier than it has been in the past (due to Momofuku‘s New Big Thing: beef 7-ways) so get 10 of your best buddies together and go for it! The absolutely juicy and tender pork, wrapped in the most perfect pieces of bibb lettuce I’ve ever seen…. is a carnivore’s heaven.