If you should ever find yourself brave enough to explore the city on bike, I highly recommend snagging yourself a Sunday date, and both ride your bikes across whichever bridge or boulevard necessary to Landmarc where they pack these adorable and neat picnic boxes, for the perfect casual yet romantic snack and lounge on the grass.

It happened to be this past Sunday, when we christened the bf’s new bicycle with a ride and picnic in Central Park. I was excited Landmarc had a beet salad that didn’t involve tossing in anything cheesy (is it always about food with me?), and I’m sure he was excited that he’d finally get to test out his new toy.

Bikes and blanket in the grass.

Boxes included a disposable blanket, fruit, and brownies.

…Everything you could possibly need for a sunny afternoon out. I have a plan to do this more often this summer. Any other riders out there interested?