dirty mirror!

On the way back from picking up the bf’s new bike from the shop, we passed by a little place on Allen Street – one of those blink and you’ll miss it spots – Lulu & Mooky’s, whose sign caught my eye. In fact, it screamed: “Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream.”

Whizzing by it a bit too quickly, that didn’t stop us from putting the car in reverse, smoothly weaving into a parking spot. The interior of this shop – spare and tiny – was cluttered with a bunch of handwritten signs on the walls, and a plexiglass partition on the counter shielded two pink Kitchenaids from the main area. The nice man behind the counter waited patiently (a true virtue for a job such as his) as we stood, shifting from leg to leg, trying to design the best flavor ever.

The Citrus Aficionado of course ended up picking some sort of a key lime pie flavor, and I let the man make his first, as I continued to design and redesign in my head. In the end I chose a combination of three flavors: coconut, almond, and honey.

loading up the Kitchenaid

science happens.

Mine tasted like sunblock.

At $4-$5 a cup, you get a whole ton of ice cream. In fact, one was too much for me to finish. And even though our ice cream were entirely different flavors, it still came out the same pastel yellow color, which was disappointing. The texture, however, was really smooth and rich. All in all it was a fun experience, but using extracts and nitrogen to make something edible… creeps me out just a bit. I’ll stick to experimenting with my Cuisinart, thank you very much! (Yep, I have an ice cream maker! Which… I hardly ever use.)