As a designer, I’m most attracted to beautiful spaces to be in, and it wouldn’t surprise me that dates often write me off as distracted or inattentive – it’s not you, it’s the gorgeous Edison bulbs suspended off the antique tin ceiling.

I spend the first 5 minutes at any gorgeous restaurant giving myself whiplash – exposed brick walls! Salvaged wood bar counters! A tree in the middle of the dining room… chipboard coasters… a riddling rack used as a lighting fixture?

On what had recently become a no-longer-unusual seasonably warm spring evening, Pat and I took a turn down Mulberry and passed by a restaurant whose open ground floor windows allowed a peek into a romantic boozy atmosphere in a double height basement space. The exposed brick walls, accented by a warm lighting recessed directly in front, gave the space an industrial charm I always find hard to resist. We checked out the menu and made a note: next happy hour outing, we are bringing the gang here. And so the following Friday, we had dinner at Tartinery.

Patrick, in front of the tree, surrounded by exposed front-lit brick.

Croque Madame

Very reasonably priced, Tartinery’s menu is mainly a list of various tartines with ingredients so creative you will find it hard to pick only one (even though one is enough to share with another.) My favorites of the night – steak, nutella banana, and the croque madame. If you ever find yourself in the area, give me a call. Tartinery has an extensive wine list and it’s rare nowadays that you don’t find me in the mood for a drink!