I was on my way to Oro Bakery and Bar this morning for a quick breakfast before work (their blueberry yogurt is topped with sliced almonds – my new favorite way to eat yogurt!) when I noticed a couple of Felix Morelo‘s chalk drawings on the ground. Now I’m normally not a superstitious person, but I avoided the circle containing the words “Bad Luck Spot,” because, frankly, I could use all the luck I could get. Several steps away, I noticed the “Good Luck Spot” and stuck a foot in.

Later that morning, I was told to move around some props in the kitchen showroom, and as I slid one of the fancy shmancy super efficient and space saving “glass pull-out sliding doors” open, the edge smacked into the knob of the adjacent door. A loud bang, followed by the slow shattering noise of a thousand cracks radiating from the knob and traveling the entire surface to the door’s edges — I can not begin to describe how haunting the sound is in an otherwise silent showroom. 4th day of work, and I had broken a door. I was surprised I wasn’t immediately fired on the spot. In fact, my boss’s unusually calm reaction only served to make me feel more confused and concerned with my own strange emotional indifference.

Annoyed at the fact that it seemed to be “one of those days,” another trip down Morelo‘s street meant stopping by the “Bad Luck Spot” and giving it a piece of my mind – a quick stomp and a silent curse under my breath.

A long day behind me now, I sat next to a man on the subway ride home, who brightened up my day by commenting on how much he liked my Alexander McQueen skull ring, and the double finger ring I had on my other hand. On his way out, he turns to me and says, “You stay fly now!” And my completely uncool response… “Thanks.”