It was the best of times…

There are times when you’ve got a couple of consecutive days which pass like a rollercoaster of ups and downs – hungover and not. Sometimes mumbled behind a curtain of hair, other times gleefully stated before downing another sparkling something-or-other, I can’t count how many times I’d used the excuse: “It’s my last day of work.”

It all started Thursday night – a couple of drinks right before an AFHny happy hour mixer at my new workplace… and a couple of drinks during. Then there was an attempt to break into the Surface Magazine party at United Nude, which I’m assuming is when this paparazzi shot of Dave ended up in my phone, not discovered until last night (almost a week later):

…Followed by more drinks at Bowery Bar and Grill.

At some point, I thought I lost my phone in the bathroom. I was probably doing something similar to this… Anyway, I found it, moments later, in my bag.

Friday was thus more low key. Nursing a hangover that felt like it would never go away, completely spoiling all the great plans I had for celebrating “my last day of work” (lunch at al di la), the night was capped off with a movie and a visit to the Chikalicious Dessert Bar. (In NYC, you NEVER nurse a hangover in bed! Unless it’s really horrible. And had something to do with tequila.)

Chika doin’ her thang in the exposed kitchen, bar style – making my dessert!

the end products

Saturday was Tom’s birthday: drinks at Delicatessen (yep, more sparkling disasters for me), dinner at Emporio (free flowing wine, it seemed! Dining Italian family style — I loved it.), and at some point, Alex and I became best friends.

Sunday… noodles in Flushing, and homemade milkshakes and coke floats. Why did I end up feeling so horrible again? “It was my last day.” Let’s end this cycle on a high note, eh? At least there was ice cream involved!

Vanilla Milkshake

  • 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, Breyer’s
  • 1/2 cup of skim milk
  • chocolate sauce, Bosco’s

Blend the ice cream and skim milk, drizzle in some chocolate sauce to taste.

I’m sorry, were you expecting a real and creative recipe? Give me a break! I was hungover!