After calling Park Slope my home place of employment for the past 4 years, the time has come for a new change of pace and scenery. A proper send-off wouldn’t be proper without (an all too rare these days) lunch hour(s) with Pete (who lives nearby), so off to explore the surrounding neighborhoods of Park Slope!

Armed with several gadgets – him a new old camera – and both of us with iphones, Pete drove us to the very little Iris Cafe on a narrow, tree-lined street hidden somewhere in the depths of Prospect Heights. Surprisingly busy and packed with the “self-employed”, tables taken up mostly by laptops, we dodged a few strollers to secure ourselves a table and happily scarfed down our amazing sandwiches – one with some apple butter and a mixture of random cheese and meats (ploughman’s style), and one with salami and pesto mayo (<– obviously my pick. Pesto obsession, much?).

After the savory comes the sweet, so we went off to the new pie shop in the Gowanus, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, which garnered a lot of attention when it first opened.

Bottom left: Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie; Right: Apple Pie

check out, if you can see it, the layers and slivers of apples. I’d hate to be the guy who has to slice those things!

The black bottom oatmeal pie had a very interesting texture, almost like a cookie pie with some chocolate on the bottom, and the crust of the apple pie tasted almost slightly almond like something you would find at a Chinese bakery, but neither one of us could quite put our finger on it… Beautifully baked pies, really inspires me to create some of my own!