I always buy steak with the intention of preparing it right away – I love the bright red color of good raw beef. However with the recent schedule of events which made dining in mostly impossible (unless I’d like to stuff myself with 2 dinners nightly.. RARE occassions, I swear!) I’d left the package of filet mignon sitting on the bottom shelf long enough that the beautiful bright red had started to turn a shade of brown. No plans on a Tuesday night, I was pretty excited to run home to make myself some steak, and stopped by the supermarket for some fresh cilantro… something that I thought could be added to jazz up the tomatoes I planned on using for a sauce.

The result was a sauce that tasted like salsa but mellow, without the kick of raw onions, which, when I tasted while it was simmering in the pan (ouch! why do I always do that?) seemed to be a terrible idea for topping a steak. But after slicing into the steak and finding it a bit bland, I had a bite of it with the tomato cilantro and the whole thing just brightened up. Disaster avoided, dinner was deliciously served!

Tomato Cilantro Steak

  • filet mignon, my portion is about 4 oz.
  • spices: cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 clove of garlic, minced
  • a handful of cilantro, chopped

Prepare the steak by sprinkling both sides with the spices, gently place in cast iron pan, and don’t touch it! 2 minutes on each side (good for a 1″ thick steak) , 3 if it is super thick (or if you’d like it more done), is perfect for a rare steak – the way I like it. Remove from pan and let it rest.

Make the sauce by dicing up the tomatoes, and tossing it into a pan with some heated up olive oil. Let it saute a bit and add the garlic, stir, and then using a potato masher, smush up most of the tomatoes so that it becomes paste-y but still chunky. Then add the cilantro and cook a little bit more before removing from heat. Top steak with sauce, and I served mine with a side of sauteed cabbage.