Saturday was a morning of errands. Eyebrow threading at 10am, followed by emergency zipper repair on my United Bamboo dress… and with my bags packed and ready by noon, I collapsed into dear bf’s car, half eaten banh mi in hand, racking my brain to make sure I’d remembered everything… which I later found out: but of course I would bring my curling iron (which I didn’t use), flat iron (also didn’t use), 3 sets of fake lashes (who needs so many??) – everything, except the things I needed for an overnight stay in a motel!! Ah well, too late. Halfway to CT by then.

The wedding was at a church on campus at Yale, very quiet, and so very green. And the reception was a complete change of scenery, at a reception hall on the beach a couple of minutes’ drive away.

Hydrangeas, my favorite. And in lieu of wedding favors, the couple made donations to fund research and charities.

Typical wedding festivities followed: an amazing buffet style cocktail hour spread, then a 3 course dinner with post pasta palette cleanser, wedding cake of course, a dessert tier, and flambe station!! (Which I dared not visit.) Weddings, of course, are an excuse for gorging, but even I had my limits. (It’s only my first wedding of this season, Saturday’s was merely warm up.)

stromboli, bruschetta, crostini, cheese and crackers, and not pictured: stuffed mushrooms, clams, seafood salad, spaghetti, meatballs.. and this was PRE-dinner.

cakes, canolli, chocolate covered strawberries, and fruit.

good thing the zipper on this dress got busted BEFORE I even left for the wedding. Can you imagine the disaster if that had happened after the 3 different dessert cakes and post 2nd- pasta course?!