Friday night: I am a girl with a purpose and my heart starts to race as I jay-walk diagonally across Broadway towards the Prada store… around the corner and down the few steps into Lure. Perhaps it is by sheer coincidence that this restaurant is located directly underneath my Mecca, and the atmosphere feels just as buzzy and extravagant, the walls a dark paneled wood like the interior of a luxury yacht.

I love this restaurant. Not only because it is the first place that I’ve ever tried an oyster shooter with my partner-in-crime, but it is also home to one of the best lobster rolls in NYC, made better because they can substitute the house salt and vinegar chips (which are delicious and you should definitely order it if you are an underweight model blessed with fast metabolism) with sauteed spinach (for those of us who could stand to squeeze in some veggies between the liquid vodka and beer diets).

I met up with my friend of 21 years (did I do my math right? Elementary school?), Angie, as we kicked off my early birthday celebration. The fluke ceviche was tangy and refreshing, the lobster roll – perfect as always, and the shrimp tagliatelle – who knew shrimp could taste so good in an Italian sausage bolognese and basil pesto sauce? (That was a mouthful!) If I could bookmark that on delicious.. I would! Top all that off with a glass of prosecco and a banana chocolate chip bread pudding that could satisfy any PMS induced cravings, and you’ve got a hard to beat fantastic start to the end of 26.

Afterwards, some live music at Boom – life is complete.