As any good New Yorker should, I took a day off from cooking yesterday to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. It was a gorgeous day, and an impromptu Facebook event post brought a couple of our friends together for a trip down to the Highline. My fashion twin, Phe (seriously, there is no party dress she has tried on or owned that I have not coveted at some point, either in the same store (sometimes at the same time, without knowing!) or online) <– Do people use double parentheses? Now they do! Back to thought: Phe picked up some sandwiches from Baoguette, and we all spent the next half hour commenting on how they could possibly be the best banh mi sandwiches any of us have ever had. (Except for the elusive best of the best banh mi which could be found at some obscure place in Brooklyn no one could remember the name of.)

the Classic banh mi from Baoguette (img from yelp):
spicy, flavorful, and amazingly crusty and chewy bread

Sandwiches consumed, we headed over to the West Village, surprised to find a line wrapped around the block to gain entry into Caliente Cab. Only fools wait on lines! So we skipped over to the roof deck at Sushi Samba and spent the rest of the festive Mexi-merican holiday imbibing Brazilian-Japanese cocktails.

And of course capped off the night with some pasta and prosecco at Centro Vinoteca. (Amazing, amazing pasta made in house.) You know, just your typical Cinco de Mayo celebration… done Italo-Brazi-Panese style.