“Good things come to those who wait…” said the crazy Russian I met at the Town Tavern in the West Village. He said we couldn’t possibly be more perfect for each other – he, a carpenter, and I, an architect – and he is so glad he’s finally found me. He proceeded to promise to build me a castle. And called me 4 times the following weekend, leaving 3 messages. I never went out with him. (Incidentally, I also haven’t gone back to the Town Tavern, and miss their fried mac n cheese dearly.)

But what he said isn’t without truth! Last night I did the rare glimpse-into-the-future-what-might-I-want-to-have-for-dinner-tomorrow thing. And I thought of pizza dough, something that requires a lot of time to make anyway, what with the waiting for the dough to rise and such. And yes, I know I might as well change this blog to one devoted entirely to flatbread – I honestly can’t get enough of it. Especially when I still have a bunch of leftovers to use. Dough is perhaps the best vehicle for delivering said leftover bits into my tummy. This time, I topped half with pesto and goat cheese, and the other with pesto, mozzarella, and leftover meatballs in tomato sauce, cut up into little bits.

no new recipes here: just dough, pesto, and meatballs.

And something else I’ve waited a while for? This Acne Darko Bardot dress, which I fell in love with a year ago at Barney’s. Finally found it, and at an amazing discount! Now… to find an event to wear this to. Back to an era where padded hips are in fashion!

then and now